Friday, October 28, 2011

Arty Road Trip

I was invited to join three artist friends on a trip to the Long Beach Peninsula in SW Washington for three days. We packed up our art projects, comfy clothes, scads of food (and my portable latte machine), and hit the road on Tuesday morning. Besides myself, the bandits included Tory, Suzanne, and Debi. We're all artists and all members of the Portland Art Collective. It was a grand three days.


Our first stop was Astoria, where we had lunch at T Paul's Urban Cafe, then hit up Lunar Boy Gallery and Cargo, with a stop for lattes at Astoria Coffee House. Of course we also popped into Riversea Gallery.


This little, I mean BIG, store was a fun discovery!


Astoria's amazing art store, Dots and Doodles, is always worthy of a stop. We had so much fun with the owners and their little dog, too!


Over the bridge we went and deep into the Long Beach Peninsula to Ocean Park. We arrived at Suzanne's beautiful beach house, located right across the street from the ocean. Such a warm and comfortable home. Tory and I shared a room and we even had our own bathroom! We got the latte machine fired up and eased into our art making by looking at a large selection of art magazines first.


Wednesday was our designated jammie day - all day, all he time. I abided. Making art, going to the beach, even to the grocery store to return and rent another movie.




I worked on several Fearless Faces during my art-makin' time, also moved forward on my journal for the Sketchbook Project.


We are fortunate to have a big old house in Astoria that has been divided into an apartment and a studio. The upstairs studio is vacant, so we swung by to have a look see. Well, four artists looking at a studio in Astoria with a view of the bay? We went crazy planning for converting it to a little apartment to use for visits to Astoria . . . we even had ideas of how to convert the closets into sleeping quarters. Alas, the timing isn't quite right to undertake something like this, but we came this close and plans are underway for a future conversion.


Tory Brokenshire said...

Great post and great trip. You are a fun roomie, and thanks for all the good coffee.

stephanie brockway said...

Wow Astoria is on my list hit soon,very cool , out me down for a closet space, I'll behave. pinky swear

stephanie brockway said...

Spell Check Alert!!!
Above should of read "...on my list TO hit soon"
and then " PUT me down, for that closet space"
See what happens when I hurry?

Carole K said...

What a fun little art-nook that will be! Adorable! Glad to see your adventures, especially that orange chair!

Joanna said...

Jeez, Dayna, I'm JEALOUS all over again! You even had sunshine at the coast! What a charmed life . . .

Pam McKnight said...

Next time I go to Astoria I will have to visit those places, I went there once with my husband butdidn't really know were to go. Your photos are amazing and looked like a really great, fun trip!