Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wabi Sabi

My Wednesday class at Art and Soul was Serena Barton's Wabi Sabi, a class I have wanted to take from Serena for a very long time. The class exceeded my expectations.

Serena attempted to define the Japanese words Wabi Sabi by saying in her handouts:

. . .Wabi Sabi is an aesthetic, a state of mind, a mix of emotions, and a way of perceiving life . . . the acceptance of the cycles of change, including life and death. Wabi Sabi values the seasoned, well worn, accidental, and imperfect. . . .

Wabi Sabi. I love it, it so perfectly fits how I like to work and create.

Here's a look at my day and the evolution of some of my pieces.

We had a little show and tell at the end of the day. We were a prolific group as our work lined three long walls!

Serena isn't a big fan of having her photo taken, but she graciously consented and allowed me to get a picture of the two of us.

My output for today. I may tweak a couple of these, but for the most part, I am pleased.

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