Thursday, October 21, 2010

Orange Dream Monkeys Resume

My visual journaling group, the Orange Dream Monkeys, got back together last night after a four-month summer hiatus. It felt so good to be back together laughing, creating, eating, playing, and did I already mention laughing? Got some big laughs at how short I am, funny enough to get a couple of photos with me between Destree and Shelby (and no, I'm not bending my knees, in case you thought the photos were staged). Destree provided our snacks and a wonderful little handmade journal as our gift.

Our theme for this month was earthy turquoise spider, although no one used the theme as a prompt.

I futzed with two spreads I had started earlier in the summer. I felt a bit scattered, so I allowed myself to putter on my pages.

Bobbie played in her France travel journal.

I'm not sure if she's finished, but Dawn whipped together a beautiful and whimsical spread last night:

Shelby worked on a two-page spread during the evening:

Tory's pages in process, just getting started.

And please forgive me Destree, I didn't get any photos of your art last night!

Our theme for next month? Yellow Freedom Shoes. Now that's an interesting theme (in case you don't recall or are new to my blog, we draw words from three jars to establish our theme: a color, a noun, a concept).

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