Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book of Plenty

Art and Soul, a week long art retreat, started today in Portland. I'm still recovering from our month-long trip to France, but managed to get myself to the retreat this morning and complete a book! Our instructor, Doris Arndt, led us in creating a Book of Plenty, a lovely little book just begging to be filled with words, images, and paint. Here's the journey I took today. . . .

Thank heavens my tablemate was Laurie, a member of the Portland Art Collective, who just happens to be a professional book binder!

We created a few pages in advance of binding our book using a spray color wash and stencils - here's a sampling of my pages.

My completed journal!

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Bridget B. said...

LOVE the color spray wash and stencils . . . YUMMY!