Sunday, October 3, 2010

Final Day in Paris

We made no big plans for Friday, our last day in Paris.

While Howard and I were wandering about on Friday, truly with no destination other than lunch with Tony and Lynda, we stumbled upon a little shop, Atelier du Pelican, that had the perfect little handcrafted gift for my friend Sam. Claude and Gilles were so cute and helpful -- I bought not only a gift for Sam (can't tell what) made by Gilles out of corrugated cardboard, but also two of Claude's recently published journals for me!!

We connected with Lynda and Tony for a final lunch together and Tony, who is quite familiar with Paris, picked a restaurant where a lot of the retired French chefs go to eat, Restaurant Chartier. It definitely had a busy French vibe and the waiter wrote our orders directly on the top of the table, then when we were finished with our meal, he did the math right there next to what we had ordered. Viola!

I get so darned excited when I discover a particular type of store or shop and Tombees du Camion (lots d'objects unique) is one of those shops. Tucked inside the Passage des Panoramas, is this little shop filled with vintage bits. Most of the objects have been purchased in huge lots from former factories, so they are new, but have never been used. I bought myself a freaky little hand and after we had left, Howard said, Are you sure you only want one? Of course not, and back we went. I also picked myself up a few mechanical eyeballs.

I wanted to get on the Seine River sometime before leaving Paris, so a rainy Friday evening seemed like the perfect time to do a little river cruise.

We ended our stay and our Friday night by dining for a second time at LeGrenier de Notre Dame.

Saturday morning we'll be on our way home.


shelby said...

What an amazing journey it was following you through France! Your vision is so unique, now I have even more fodder for my future dreams :)

Tory Brokenshire said...

It’s so sad that our trip (oops your trip) has come to an end, I have enjoyed it immensely. I will miss looking in all the little shops.
Goodness the sight of the mechanical eyes makes me want to jump on a plane today.
Welcome Home!

Destree said...

I have so enjoyed your journey...and for the record: I'm glad Howard spoke up about buying only ONE hand...what were you thinking woman! :0)

So glad you are home!!

stephanie brockway said...

Well it's official, you're leading the next girls shopping/eating and tour de force of Paris...great trip. Can't wait to see your travel journal bursting with goodness. Welcome home!