Monday, August 1, 2011

Abstract Landscapes: All Good Things Must Eventually Come to An End

Final day of painting in my Sitka class, Abstract Landscapes. It was a fabulous painting class and I would recommend Lori as a teacher. Lots of techniques shared, multiple demos, and lots of personal attention.

My version of landscapes in various stages of completion.

I also played around painting cruciforms using the various painting techniques I learned (and already knew). It was soothing to just paint and play with paint.

A photo of me with Lori.

Parting shots of the area around the little cabin in the woods where I stayed.

It sounds like Lori is already planning for her class for next year!


Carole Kurth said...

I feel I could lose myself in your red landscape. Your colors are magnificent, and I was able to take a breath and feel inspired looking at it. Beautiful! Love the aqua/gold red too. Thanks for sharing w/ us.

Chelsea Art Designs said...

Oh somebody please send me a ticket to this wonderful place!!!!

lynda Howells said...

hi..xx look as if you enjoyed yourself and produced some interesting work my friendxxlynda
ERnjoy your time with your daughjter and grandchildren. xx

Robin Olsen said...

You have such dreamy results using this layering technique. How perfect is that for Sitka?

kathy Stewart said...

Hi there Dayna;

your landscapes are fabulous! Kathy

stephanie brockway said...

The painting you are holding is stunning, Wow