Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Curious Elements: It's a Process

I've spent the past couple of days working on my Curious Elements. I get so excited about the many possibilities of assembling these little works of art. Making them involves several steps: Cutting old wood boards, sanding, painting, plastering, sanding, staining, waxing, AND then begins the assembling of the elements. The whole process of creating the little elements that get attached is a multi-step process entirely separate from the wood boards, so I find that I try and do batches of whatever process I'm currently working on. The past two days I have concentrated on plastering and staining, with a little bit of assemblage.


lynda Howells said...

all l can say is WOW. who wouldn't want onexxxgorgeous Daynaxxlynda

Anonymous said...

Hey! Your work area looks just like mine right now...I must have five or six pieces in various stages going on right now! My problem is deciding which one to go to next!

Love what I see in your stuff!!

Bobbie said...

Oh, I just love these....I'm sure a person could just spend hours looking at each and every piece upon piece!

stephanie brockway said...

eureka you've found a great niche for merging your collected treasures and painting into some good art!