Saturday, August 6, 2011

To the Center of the Universe

I zipped up to Tacoma on the train earlier this week for a quick visit with my oldest daughter Melissa and two of my grandkids, Luke and Gabriella. Luke was in camp during the week, so on Wednesday, the three ladies jumped in the car and headed for Seattle. The following are photos of our excursion to North Tacoma and the Fremont (aka known as the Center of the Universe) and Ballard neighborhoods of Seattle. It was a delicious day!

We discovered a beautiful little shop in the Ballard area, Earthues, a fair-trade, woman-owned business. It was a visual delight!

Another special find was the Fremont Vintage Mall, located in the Fremont neighborhood. It was right up my alley (and yes, it was on an alley).

I saved the very best for the very last. Prosthetic leg: $126. Manikin hand: $26. Hand on boob: priceless.

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lynda Howells said...

you really did have a great day didn't you? Just to answer your question on f/b. I have had a shoulder op and was kept in for a while as they couldn't settle my pain medication. Am home now, in some pain, a little groggy but happy yo be in my own bed next to tony.xxlynda