Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Artist's Dream Home

I had the thrilling experience to spend part of last Sunday with artist Judy Vogland and her husband Bob at their NW Portland home. The purpose of the visit was to learn how to build my own canvases (I'm taking a class from Judy later this month at Sitka), but the bonus was getting to tour Judy and Bob's house. Oh my. It was an artist's dream home - filled to the brim with Judy's art, her daughter Taylor's art, and the art of lots of Northwest and internationally known artists. Judy graciously allowed me to snap as many photos as I wanted. I've restrained myself pretty good and whittled my dozens of photos down to what I'm sharing in this post. Enjoy the visit. It's certainly a sensory delight.

The basement!

Some peeks into the first floor living quarters.

Up up up the stairs and into Judy's expansive studio.

The reason for the visit? To learn how to build sturdy, heavy duty canvases. Check.


Bobbie said...

WOW!! What a very cool home! The dolls with the photos on them look intriguing and was that a giraffe head above the sewing machine?

lynda Howells said...

Oh my goodness...l would love to live in this house. Must move from my flat to a house...need more space. What a treat foyou Dayna. Your canvas's are looking good! It is amazing how much money you save when making your own instead of buying them? x lynda

stephanie brockway said...

Oh my, yes, artsy stuff, colors collections a bucket of limbs, be still my beating heart. A lunch date visit would be divine.