Monday, August 8, 2011

Warning: This Post May Cause Dizzyness

If you're a junker, a hoarder, a recycler, a lover of rusty stuff, or just a lover of vintage stuff, you're gonna love this post! Here's the story. Last Saturday, about 10:30 a.m., my phone rings and it is my friend Sam (who owns the vintage store Lil' Gypsy). She says: "Are you garage sale-ing?" I told her no, I was still in my jammies and hoped to stay in them all day. She proceeded to tell me about a moving sale about three blocks from my home and it had my name written all over it. I was getting dressed before I hung up the phone. I zoomed over (in my car rather than walk because I had a feeling I was going to need a vehicle). Oh my. The sale was being held at the home of an artist who had moved to Portland. And this artist obviously likes the very same things as I do. I immediately filled my first box, and then another.

On Sunday, I took my treasures to the studio to unpack, photograph, and put away. Here are the two, oops, three boxes (I went back to the sale on Sunday when everything was half price!).

The boxes unpacked.

Detailed photos of the loot.

I even bought a piece of art by the artist I loved her stuff so much!

Of course, how could I resist a big jar of baseballs for my husband? (But then I went back and bought two huge boxes of baseballs . . . not just sure what I'm going to do with them!).

On Sunday afternoon just as I was unpacking and beginning to snap some photos, who should ride up? Sam and Stewart, the very two that called on Saturday morning to alert me to the sale.


Kim said...

take the seams out of the baseballs and you can make flowers out of them. i wish I would come across a box of those, so I could do just that.

good luck


Diane Lou said...

Oh heart is simply pounding! What inspiring and beautiful "stuff".

donna said...

Oh my gosh, you lucky dog you. ;) Love the stuff, love, love, love. What fun!

Carole K said...

All the stuff is so cool--Good for you! Now we'll all get to watch you use it! What I want to know is did Sam make enough to get started on the Cushman? OR--will you have another sale? :-;

Joanna said...

I am SO jealous! Do you have my phone number, Dayna??? Call me sometime; I'd love to join you on a "junket" !!

lynda Howells said...

ps..what a lovely friend you have to let you know about the salexx

Bobbie said...

.....and it was a very good day!

MB Shaw said...

Oh my!! You hit the mother-lode. Yum, love it all and can't wait to see what you will make next.