Sunday, July 31, 2011

Abstract Landscapes: Soldiering On

Day Three of my class at Sitka: Abstract Landscapes, was a frenzy of madcap painting. Howard popped in first thing to take a look at my progress. I also started yet ANOTHER canvas just to be sure I had enough to do (ha!).

Bye bye unloved art -- in transition and waiting for the final day to hopefully be completed.

Try and try again . . .

Some of my other pieces in various stages of completion (or uncompletion as the case may be).

Final day of class on Sunday. Wish me luck.


stephanie brockway said...

I tried to post yesterday so Um trying again try. Your yellows and blues are great and when you added the red, wow very sucessful! Are we going to start painting landscapes together, all that spraying looks right uo mt alley. Plus your having an amazing week of weather, lovely!

stephanie brockway said...

geesh I was typing without my glasses, I think my last post will have points deducted for poor spelling :o)

Paula McNamee said...

Your colors and layers of paint really stand out. I loved my workshop with Bill Parks at Sitka last week. You've influenced me to take classes there and I'll return.
Thank you!

lynda Howells said...

gorgeous..gorgeous..gorgeousx how did the last day go? xxlynda