Monday, July 18, 2011

Save the Cushman

My friend Sam, the proprietress of my favorite vintage clothing store, Lil' Gypsy, acquired a Cushman truck awhile back with the hope of restoring it. Part way into the project, she realized it was going to cost more than she was able to put into it, so she decided to pull the plug. When her daughter Jasmine and I heard about it, we decided we would step in and help Sam to SAVE THE CUSHMAN. We set up a Facebook page, which you can get to and become a friend by going HERE. Of course, we have to show you some photos of the poor little retched truck:

Jump ahead a few months. The decision was made to hold a garage sale to raise funds for renovating the Cushman. A date was set and that date was yesterday. On Saturday night the troops were gathered to set up for our one day mammoth sale.

The sale was held on Sunday and we woke up to grey skies and rain, rain, rain, which didn't let up all day. However, in spite of the rain, people turned out throughout the day, with only two small, brief lulls. In the end, we raised over $1,000 toward the renovation of the little Cushman truck.


Carole Kurth said...

i'm so happy the sale did well. I had something come up, and couldn't stop by. The photos are great, and I bet Sam is happy so many people are embracing the idea of renovating her little truck.
Great Job!

Bobbie said...

Such a good friend you are to host this event! Love my finds and... my hound dog man!!!!