Friday, July 15, 2011

PAC Picnic: Tranquility

The Portland Art Collective held their annual picnic this week on the outskirts of Salem in the country. The food at this event is always amazingly beautiful and delicious, and for the most part, pretty darn healthy, too. There were lovely flowers everywhere and time to linger over conversations.

Our summertime art exchange for this year was a recipe swap. Everyone selected two of their favorite recipes and paired it with their own original art and had copies made. When we got together at the picnic, we swapped recipes and Z'anne bound them for us on the spot! (I've included a sampling of some of the pages.)

Here's my recipe cover and the two pages I contributed to the swap:

And a highlight of the day? Getting to hold Tory's newest grandchild, two-week old Olivia!


stephanie brockway said...

Great photos, (except the one of me) it was a nice day! Thanks for being the group phtographer, again!

rubyhaze said...

Wow! What a beautiful book! I'm just awestruck at the colors on the pages; how each artist incorporated the recipe and art. All your photos convey how memorable the event was. Thank you. Have a great day! Ps--you-guys could SO sell copies of those books!

lynda Howells said...

what a fantastic group of woman you are. Wow how amazing would it be to have an Art cookery book like that?!!!xx The baby is so cute.xx