Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A serrated blade to fray the shore . . .

I spent part of today getting myself packed for a four-day workshop at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. The class is titled Painting Abstract Landscapes and will be taught by Lori Latham (please check out her website - her art is amazing!). I met Lori last year in Judy Vogland's class at Sitka and fell in love with her abstracts then. The class doesn't start until Thursday, but I'm slipping away to the beach tomorrow morning to get myself settled and do a little ambling around Lincoln City.

I packed my notebook for taking notes in class (the covers are photocopies of pages from my visual journal).

I tossed in my little watercolor journal that I created while in Hawaii earlier this year. Some of the pages are landscapey and I thought I could use them for inspiration.

Of course I needed to take supplies for playing in my visual journal in the evening after class is over. What I packed for my personal journal was way more than what I had to take for the class itself!

I'll be doing posts about the class as it unfolds, but for now, packing was the order of business.


lynda Howells said...

wow love those tapes..can't seem to find any like that over here...we seem not to have caught the craze yet..bummer! also love those b/w illustrations. Where did you gret them from , can you remember or are they from one of your wonderful second-hanbd book finds?xxhave a great time and l am looking forward to seeing the results from this workshop. your work is just getting stronger and stronger girlxxlynda

carole kurth said...

Can't wait to see how your adventure unfolds! Wish we could go along, but hey, in a way, we are. Have FUN! Hugs, Carole

Bobbie said...

Your days are worth watching! I'll have to journey over to her site to see what it is you'll be doing and playing with!