Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank you thank you thank you

I have so many sweet friends. And sometimes, my sweet friends bring me gifts. Sometimes it is a bag of stuff, like Sam of Lil' Gypsy frequently does (Bag 'o Crap she calls it), and other times it is a more formal gift. Since I moved into my new studio space, I've received several wonderful gifts and I just felt the urge to share them publicly (not to encourage gift giving, but that would be an okay result!).

The first "studio" gift I received was from Laura. She brought it over to the studio before I had moved anything in - it was pretty much a shell of a space, but Laura knew it needed a puffy, fluffy ceramic sheep, something I had admired many months ago at loose ends, a very cool local store. Meet Miss Sheeba!

A couple weeks ago our good friends Dave and Vicki stopped by on their way from Bend to Astoria and Vicki handed me a pretty little wrapped package. A hula girl! Oh my, a lovely companion to watch over my art-making.

I already wrote a blog post about Kathleen's gift of a dazzling woman vase/holder, but I love her so much (Kathleen and the ceramic woman!), I wanted to include it again in this thank you post.

My art friend Dawn delivered two dolls to my doorstep, something I also blogged about earlier, but wanted to include here.

Last weekend while teaching my Bountiful Blocks class at the studio, Destree (who lives next door to the studio), popped over to hand me a golden angel to hang on a wall in the studio. But before I found a place on the wall, I nestled her in the plant outside the front door. I'm not sure she wants to come inside.

And finally, one of the artists from my Super Deluxe Art Date, Gloria Sowell, let me pick one of her encaustic icons she had brought for our show 'n tell. I have hung the icon front and center in the main room of the studio so she can watch over all of the healing and growing that is done at Alley Art Studio.

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