Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bountiful Blocks: A Trial Run

Saturday I taught the first round of Bountiful Blocks, the newest class in my arsenal of creative offerings. Only two people signed up, but since they were both friends, I decided I would go ahead with the class and use it as a trial run (and with only two, it meant I would be able to play along with them). Kathleen and Laura have both taken classes from me before (in fact, Kathleen has taken every since class I have ever offered!), so it was comfortable and fun.

Three hours later . . . two beautiful creations.

Since this was a new class, here is what Kathleen and Laura had to say about the class:

I love, love, love the new space! The colors, the feel, the friendliness, the variety of things to use, to see, to share. The entire experience feels like it was just what I needed and the timing could not be more perfect. I feel like I have honored my brother while at the same time been good to me and my dream of driving my race car. Laura

Loved all the choices of stuff - the helpful ideas and all the time we were given to explore and create! Wow! this was more fun than I imagined. Thanks so much for another fun playful, class. Kathleen

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