Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hippo Hardware and Trading Company

Recently, I recommitted myself to the Artist's Way. That means I'm back to doing weekly check-ins with a group who have completed an Artist's Way Creative Cluster with me. In addition, I've resumed writing Morning Pages (daily journal pages) and more recently, decided I want to get back into the practice of going on a weekly Artist's Date (both Morning Pages and Artist's Dates are part of practicing the principles of the Artist's Way). An opportunity to take an Artist's Date abruptly presented itself while I was in Portland dropping off a piece of art at the 100th Monkey Studio. I was winding my way to I-5, when I spied a store I have wanted to visit for years: Hippo Hardware and Trading Company. I found a parking spot right on Burnside and told myself it was meant to be.

The store? Well, it was pretty fabulous. If you needed some kind of fixure or socket or unusual bit or bob for around your house, this would be the place to check. The downside? Not much was priced and the things that were priced were on the expensive side. A few items I took to the counter for pricing were more than I wanted to spend. But like I said, if you were needing a special item, say a switch or a doorknob or a toilet seat or or or, this would be an excellent place to check. Oh, and I must mention that all of the people who worked there were exceptionally friendly (and funny). It was well worth the trip just to browse and allow yourself to be slackjawed in wonderment. Here are some photos I snapped as I took my first Artist's Date in a very long time.

Hippo Hardware is located at 1040 E. Burnside in Portland. What a hoot!


La Dolce Vita said...

what a great store! I will be up in that neck of the woods for Art Fest this coming March, but doubt if I will have the time to check it out! looks like fun though!!

Seth said...

This looks like mixed media heaven!! Some of those cabinets are amazing too!

Deldino said...

I am just getting ready to start the ARtist Way, finally found my book that i had put aside awhile ago. I think i am finally ready.