Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weird Magic

Day Two of my five-day workshop with Jesse Reno. More painting and adding of layers and we got to begin using brushes instead of just our hands! Up until now, we've been using our palm as a palette and using our hands and fingers to apply paint.

Studio time.

Some mid-day exercises:

A couple of studio glimpses:

My pieces at the end of the second day.


stephanie brockway said...

OMG your pieces look wonderfully done! but suspect they'll get even better

lynda Howells said...

what fun and l would so love a studio that big to "PLAY'' l mean work in! your work so far looks amazing and enjoy the rest of your time. One thing l have to say is this..l always use my hands to start a painting if l am stuck for ideas..xx

Carole said...

Dayna, these are beautiful, fearless and BOLD! It's fun to watch their development-thanks for sharing. Have fun!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Your paintings are adventuresome, beautiful, and yes--fearless!! I can see how much you are loving this workshop. Awesome!