Sunday, June 26, 2011

Magical Wonderland

Oh my. I love being blown away by a little shop or an antique store and blown away I was on Friday when Steph and I set out for a day of junking. Justin and Burks in no way qualifies as junking, but amazing vintage it is. The store itself was fabulous and after chatting with Justin for a bit, he invited us up to his loft. His LOFT, located above his shop, where the rooms are set up in amazing displays and everything is available for sale. Justin lives in some private quarters off of the display area, but it was so beautiful and inviting, we felt like we were in someone's home. The first shots are of the store, then the magical wonderland of his loft. The shop is located at 8317 S.E. 13th in the Sellwood district. Definitely worth a visit. For another perspective on J&B, take a peek at Steph's blog post, YES.

The loft!

And finally, a glimpse of Justin himself!

Seek the Unique

Steph recently discovered a fun new store, Seek the Unique, located at 931 S.E. 6th. Oh, how it was filled with delightful finds.

A happy lady at the end of the day.


stephanie brockway said...

Yes I do need to figure out my new camaera ASAP your shots do the loft justice, mine not so much.
PS bet you were the only person on the docks with a snazzy baby blue dust pan :o)

lynda Howells said...

as usual an interesting blog my friend. Oh wish l'd been there. Love the blue dustpan and brush!!!!very you!Hax lynda

Mark Wilson said...

The next time I go to PDX I'll have to spend some time junking. I live in Longview and don't know much about Portland other than what I've discovered on trips down there. Thanks for some insight on where to go on my next visit!

Carole said...

WOW! I'm in awe over the chandeliers, especially the huge, flat one. What beautiful scenes Justin has created. Reading your blog makes me happy, Dayna! Thanks.