Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Color and Emotion

Final day of my five-day workshop with Jesse Reno. Over 40 hours of creating art. Tired, but happy. Studio views from our last day together.

My workspace at the end of the fifth day. Getting ready to pack things up.

The long journey from a background that I loved, to images that I didn't love.

With the art intervention I wrote about yesterday, I covered over the entire background and started over and my piece morphed into Don't Be Afraid. Not sure what the creature is, some strange combination of a seahorse/bird/man with a wing and a wheel.

Finished. Untitled at this point.

Finished. Freedom.

Jesse signed my visual journal in his unique way.

It was a magical week of making art, sitting at the feet of Jesse (literally and figuratively), meeting new artists, and challenging myself.


stephanie brockway said...

Bravo! love the final piece, really worked through and it looks fresh, a unique figure emerged fun and suceesful, now rest up for Friday :o)

lynda Howells said...

what fun but hard work. Your work looks amazing womanxxxx What an you could write a book about it allxxlynda

Bobbie said...

Everything you created looks amazing! I was telling my "brain" professor about your week and your "intervention". Thanks for writing about it and sharing your week with me (with us all... I guess!).

Paula McNamee said...

Wow, Dana, you stepped it up a notch or two with your painting. Sounds like yu had a great experience with Jesse.

karen said...

beautiful! the studio looks like a little taste of heaven. thanks for the inspiration.