Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Awesome

Day Four with Jesse Reno at his studio. I got over the hump of the third day blues yesterday and plowed ahead today. One more day to go . . .

Studio glimpses:

My friend Steph stopped by today to tour the studio, say hello to Jesse, and go to lunch with me. I also asked for her feedback on my pieces as I value Steph's art sense and her honesty. She performed a very delicate art intervention, telling me to cover most of what I had done and start fresh. Deep breath, but it was the right advice.

I spent the day getting rid of the progress I made yesterday on my large canvas piece. I liked the original ground I had created, but when I started blocking out a couple of figures, I became increasingly frustrated. So, with the encouragement of Steph, I started covering up the misfit images and created a new background. From there, I started to identify a completely different figure. Sea horse? Bird? Seabird on a wheel? I'm not finished blocking the creature, so who knows what will emerge in the end.

We had a little gathering after class tonight on board Rapture. We enjoyed a nice, summer evening on the water, watching the sun go down behind the buildings and then the reflection of the lights on the river as it got dark.


lynda Howells said...

Dayna, l admire what you are doing and it takes a brave woman to be happy to take advice and go wioth it. ewell done. I think Art is all about learning anyway so l think you are doing amazing work. Am looking forward to seeing the end piece/pieces.x lynda

stephanie brockway said...

Sorry I was laughing pretty hard when I got to the "delicate part" about covering what you had done!! *grin* wish I could of stayed for the brave do over. ps great hand photo. and love buddy the mohawk dog

MB Shaw said...

Wow, wow, wow, what a great experience this must be. I like what you are doing!!