Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bobbie's Artful Birthday Bash

Bobbie is a longtime art friend who has taken every class I have offered and I think has purchased just about every kind of art I have ever made. For her birthday she wanted to invite her friends to an art class taught by me. So Bobbie made arrangements for me to offer my collage class, Collage Up a Storm. She gave me her guest list and I sent invitations (unfortunately, two of the couples had to cancel at the very last minute due to family emergencies). Saturday was the art party.

To get everyone warmed up, we used my set of Muse Cubes, little cubes that have sounds written on one cube and movements on the other. I had each person give the dice a roll (the guys tossed them on the table like they were in Vegas playing craps). Examples: Dance and yell, bend and howl, laugh and bounce. It did the trick.

The process, which I call Collage Up a Storm, is modeled after Sally Jean Alexander's Abracadabra Collage, where prompts are tossed into a vessel and drawn out at random. Prompts included sand, paint, scratch, ink, photograph, write, text, etc.

Everyone really got into the process . . . .

Bobbie requested that we serve Stone Soup (yes, there really is a stone in the soup) where everyone brings vegetables to toss into the pot and Bobbie had me read the children's fable to the group.

I surprised Bobbie with a Chocolate Truffle cake from Gerry Frank's Konditorei.

And then it was time for show and tell. Bobbie kicked us off.

Bobbie's beautiful and spunky daughter, Kristi, shares her creation with the group.

Beautiful Yoga Dawn peeks over her lovely collage.

Blake, an avid baseball fan, used his collage to highlight some baseball imagery.

Stan, Bobbie's husband, had a great time and at one point during the day said to the group: I hate to brag, but I really think my collage is going to be the best.

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lynda Howells said...

what a wonderful person you are and what a lucky friend she is.xx looks as if you all had a wondeful timexxlynda