Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fearless: The Show

I have a show coming up at Venti's Cafe in downtown Salem. It will begin on May 7th and run through the end of June. I've been madly working on the pieces for the show, a selection of Fearless Faces and textural/mixed media pieces. I'm not having any type of opening reception, but I wanted to have a simple show card to let people know where they can go to see some of my recent work. Since my Photoshop skills are nil, I asked my friend Tory to come help me put a show card together. We met this week at my home office and she had me sit in the driver's seat while she used a long, thin letter opener as a pointer to direct me in what buttons to push. Here we are in various stages of the process:

The cards are ready to be picked up from the printers, but here's a preview:


lynda Howells said...

congrats...wish l could be therexxCard looks amazing, well done teacher and studentx

Tory Brokenshire said...

That was a fun day, you did a great job Dayna. I can't wait to see them.