Sunday, April 3, 2011

Give Me Madness

Yesterday I facilitated an art party for my friend Bobbie's birthday. I wrote a blog post about the day, which you can see by clicking here. The collage process I used involved pulling prompts from a vessel. While I was pulling prompts for the group, I was also busy making marks in my visual journal, sorta playing along with the birthday girl and her guests. I didn't want to muddy my post about her birthday party by including photos of my journal pages, so I'm doing it in this separate post. Here is what I created using prompts such as: draw, smudge, charcoal, pastels, write, text, and scratch -- all in random order, of course. The first prompt of the day was draw and the second was charcoal . . . I was off and running with those two little suggestions.


shelby said...

Dayna, your art always inspires me!!

Pristy Giant said...

dayna, i had soooo much fun with you in your studio on saturday! you're awesome! have a good week :) xo

lynda Howells said...

love it,love it, love itxxxxxx