Monday, April 11, 2011

A Taste of Artfest

Artfest. Five days and four nights surrounded by artists, inspiration, and creativity. I made the trek to Fort Worden with Tory and Steph and we took off last Wednesday at 5:00 a.m.

We knew we had arrived at Artfest when the cars started looking as crazy as our trailer!

We were pretty pooped from over five hours in the car, so I got in line for a little back massage from Carlos.

I stayed with six other women (six of us are Portland Art Collective members) in an officer's house (Colonel P.W. Phisterer's former digs). I was in an upstairs bedroom and had a view of the water in the distance.

All of our housemates (plus one guest, Laurie) gathered for an informal potluck on Wednesday night. My housemates were: Suzanne, Debi, Tory, Steph, Paula, and Maggie.

A fence is just a suggestion, isn't it? It saved an awful lot of walking . . .

How did these two photos get here? Did someone say dark chocolate almond coconut cup?

We ate a scrumptious breakfast on our way out of town at Sweet Laurette's Cafe and Bistro, located uptown in Port Townsend.

We junked our way down the Olympic Peninsula on our trip home, adding even more stuff to our already packed car (oh, and trailer, but that was tarped and tied, so not accessible).

And finally, we made a pit stop for caffeine in Centralia. As I was walking out of Starbucks, a woman leaned over and asked: What kind of art do you do? I asked how she knew I was an artist and she replied, I could just tell. After I shared briefly, she took me out to her car to show me what she makes. Isn't the headpiece glorious??

Next up? Highlights of my classes and Vendor Night at Artfest.


Paula McNamee said...

Dayna, it sure was fun to share my ArtFest experience with you. It looks like you enjoyed several antique shops on the way home. We stopped in Pousbo. See you soon.

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Love, love all your photos...made me chuckle, too. Happy, fun memories. Glad we got to see your trip home and all the found treasure. Don't know how you got one more thing in your car, though...We stopped at the same Starbucks!

stephanie brockway said...

Funny, great round up and yes someone DID say "dark chocolate almond coconut cup"
thanks for sharing the experience with me.

lynda Howells said...

love you always seem to have such funxxlynda