Monday, January 24, 2011

Vision Board: Courage, Create, Strengthen, Growth, Intention . . .

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of facilitating a group of women through the process of making a Vision Board. Beth, a friend I met several years ago when I was teaching a class through the Salem Art Association, gathered together a group of seven of her friends and we all met at my studio for a day of art, laughter, and food. I love preparing for a class -- designing handouts, providing snacks, deciding on music, lighting candles -- everything to make the class an experience and not just a class.

We warmed up using Muse Cubes, two dice that have words on them. One dice has movement words (bounce, stretch, bend....) and the other dice has words relating to sounds (whoop, sign, laugh . . .). Each woman took a turn shaking the two dice and then all of making the sounds and doing the movement as indicated on the dice. My photo is a bit blurry, but the ladies were busy whooping and bouncing in this photo! It's a great way to get warmed up on a sunny, Saturday morning.

We next moved to a little writing exercise to help us set intentions for the day . . . and to decide upon a word for the year.

Time to begin looking for images (and words).

Mid way through the day, we took a lunch break. All of the ladies had brought salads and treats, and I provided a hearty loaf of Great Harvest Dakota bread and sparkling water. We ate amidst our piles of magazines and images!

Lunch break over, time to get back to it!

Toward the end of the day, everyone shared their Vision Board process and a little explanation of the images they chose.

Not everyone had time to complete their boards, but here are a few that are almost done.

A parting shot of this enthusiastic, creative, intelligent, fun group of women!

On Monday morning, I got this encouraging message from Beth, the person who brought all of her friends together for this class:

Thank you, thank you for facilitating a wonderful day! I felt like Cinderella in leaving so quickly with only a quick acknowledgement of what a great experience it was.

I have talked with several who attended already. They also feel energized and ready to face the year in a new way with a new energy. I know it made a difference for me.

You set the stage for each of us. As I said to those I've spoken with, we now have our own little support group to call upon when we need the support to keep moving forward. I know that each of us will.


Erika Lee Sears said...

Such a great idea! In an art group that I attend, we did boards with our 2011 resolutions and goals. :)

Victoria said...

Thanks again, Dayna! It was a great day of goal setting. Now on to a productive 2011!


LouiseB said...

Good Luck at the show Dayna.
Your birds are very fun.
I love the one with the long white tail.