Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Creative Support Group is Born

I've become a charter member of sorts with a group of women that looks to be an ongoing group. We have no name, but we do have a purpose and our purpose is to discuss the business side of art, things like blogs, websites, social networking, and licensing. We had our first meeting last Thursday at the Borders bookstore in Beaverton and I quickly realized that although we discussed the business of art, we also became a support group of sorts, something I have been coveting in my life. After a round of discussions, we had fun looking through art magazines together and agreed we wanted to continue meeting monthly. Here's the Who's Who of who is in this newly formed group: Gloria, Jennifer, Darlene, Steph, Tory, and me.

The photo that Tory took of our little band of artists and posted on her blog was just too much fun to pass up so I'm posting it here with the advisory to hop on over to her blog, Copper Crow Studio, and read her interpretation of our day (and why Steph and I have green eye covers)!

Meeting at a bookstore gave us the opportunity to browse through endless magazines and books:

Of course while the others were engaged in conversation, I was busy snapping a photo under the table of the black boots that Steph and I were wearing.

Since Art Media was right across the street from the Borders where we met, we had to pop in and use our 25% off coupons. So many wonderful art supplies, it was dizzying.

Tory and I had a photo duel - we both won!

Sweet Gloria graciously agreed to pose for a photo.

A parting shot.


Erika Lee Sears said...

SO important to have a support group- to talk about the business side of things.. :) i love art media in beaverton, its my favorite one.

Karen Atkinson said...

Congrats! You are doing the right thing. If you need any information on the business of art, our site "Getting Your Sh*t Together/GYST Ink) has over 500 pages of free resources at But also, we created software to keep track of just about everything in your art lives and the information is also in the software. If you can't spring for that, we also have an Artist Manual on the business of art.

Getting together the learning is one of the best ways to generate support, cheer each other on, and in general, GYST.

Good Luck!

diane said...

I must say I envy your having a group...I have taken classes from Tory and find her devine!!! It is difficult to find an art group to be a part of...perhaps someday...

donna said...

You all are so lucky to have each other. My bff from 6th grade is near but I can't pry her loose from her house for the 4 years that I have lived here. If you all want a bff-less alone crafty gal please let me know. I get so tired of waiting for the bff. And lonely. (sniffle) ;) (grin)