Monday, January 17, 2011

Win Win: Studio Cooperation

I spent the past couple of Fridays with my friend Steph helping her clean out her studio. She was a bit stuck on getting started, so I offered to come along side and give her some encouragement (and manual labor). Both Fridays when I arrived, Steph had an array of treats spread out on the kitchen counter: pistachio nuts, cheeses, fresh fruit, and of course, chocolate.

Here is a photo of Steph's studio before we dug in:

After the first Friday, we realized we needed another session so we scheduled to get together the following week. In the meantime, Steph put up shelves and bought storage containers. Last Friday we again tackled her studio space and again we didn't get done, but by that time, Steph was on fire to continue and she basically worked around the clock last weekend to finish the job. To see photos of her renovated studio, just click here.

One of the benefits of helping someone clean up and out, is that you get their cast offs and because I adore everything Steph does, I love her stuff. Here are some of the goodies I came away with after our second session:

After Steph worked on the project by herself, she sent me this photo via my phone, letting me know that she had another box of goodies for me. Oh dear, I can hardly wait. I love love love boxes of goodies.

Thinking Out Loud

One of the things that Steph got rid of were 14 collaged panels, something she created years ago for a show in Portland. I scooped them up, thinking I might be able to revamp them myself OR better yet, figure out some kind of round robin or a group activity where a group of us would work on them together while continually passing them around and creating pieces of group art. What do you think? I'm open to suggestions and knowing who might like to play!

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Bobbie said... could do like the collage collaborative and mail/give out to those that want to play (but they can't flake out) and maybe have each person's go to five-ish "members" (or all) for them to art up/collage and then send back to that person or you