Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vision Board: Compassion

Compassion is the word I chose for 2011. I toyed with the sexier word JUICY, but it is compassion I need more of in my life and so for 2011, I will focus on being more compassionate. The chosen word went along with my annual tradition of creating a Vision Board, something I like doing with friends. So on Tuesday night, a group of friends joined me at the studio to create a Vision Board. It was a blur of creative activity as we all gingerly eased into 2011.

For my Vision Board, I decided on a different approach. Last year I used a large piece of foam core, but this year I took an old 12x12 canvas that I had created in an Angela Cartwright class a couple of years (or was it three years) ago at Art and Soul. The border had swirls made from molding paste and was painted a burnt orange with copper highlights. For my Vision Board, I tore up an old Somerset Studio calendar, which featured an image by Misty Mawn. To integrate the torn out image onto the canvas, I applied a thin layer of Golden's fiber paste around the edges of the image, and once it was dry, I started adding paint. I stamped my goals for the year onto each of the girls, then gave them some new heads. I added a bit of writing around the edge and it has finally begun to take on a life of it's own. I still have some fiddle faddling to do with it, but I like where it is so far.


Bridget B. said...

Dayna - I love this idea, and the result - marvelous start to the year!

Anonymous said...

I love your vision board this year! Melissa and her friends did their vision boards recently and I think I need to begin to do this annually also! You are so creative and wonderful at nurturing community, I have still have so much to learn from you!

Anonymous said...


I love your vision board, what a great way to kick off the New Year! You're so creative and wonderful at nurturing community, I still have so much to learn from you.

Lots of love.

Paula McNamee said...

Great idea, Dayna. Your post makes me want to create a vision board.