Saturday, August 14, 2010

Visual Journaling in a Braille Bible

About three years ago I saw an article in Sommerset Studio about doing visual journaling in a Braille Bible. Holy Smokes! A Braille Bible? The pages were beautiful and I remember going onto e-bay and buying a Bible to use sometime in the future. Fast forward a couple of years. I got invited to join the Portland Art Collective. Guess who is a member of PAC? Yep, Donna Bauermiller, the Braille Bible artist! Fast forward again. Donna mentioned at a PAC meeting a couple of months ago that she would be teaching a class on visual journaling techniques using Braille books. I immediately signed up (and got into the sold out class). Last Sunday was the class. It was held at an art store that I have been wanting to visit, Art on a Lark in Hillsboro, so I not only got to visit the store, but I also got to take a class from Donna. The four-hour class flew by way too quickly. Donna is a very talented artist and an excellent teacher. She took care of every detail, from a creative and informative class packet, to extra supplies, to detailed demos. I wasn't sure how much I would learn as I've taken so many classes on visual journaling and I teach classes myself, but I was blown away by four very specific techniques that I wasn't familiar with and am excited to incorporate into my repertoire of techniques. Wow, what a lot of chatter. Let's see some photos.

Donna had great handouts.

Getting started.

My pages in process:

Donna doing demos:

I'm anxious and excited to keep going in my Braille Bible!


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL pages! I remember that article and how blown away I was by her pages. I'll have to watch for more classes from her. Cindy

lynda Howells said...

oh my goodness what an amazing class...want to hear more pleasexlynda

lynda Howells said...

oh forgot to say..just received some braille pages from a friend in a swop. They are on plastic type l am trying to work out how to put it on to "paper" that l can work on. Any ideas?xlynda