Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fearless Faces

I've started a new project: Fearless Faces. I took an old atlas, glued some of the pages together, removed some of the other pages, gessoed the whole ball of wax and began doing faces. Fearless faces. I'm in love with the bold vibrant color, I'm in love with the imperfection.

A series of two-page spreads:

Close-ups because they're so funky.

I went to the studio this morning to play for a bit and decided to finish a couple of the faces I started earlier in the week. Here's what I started with:

And here is where I went:


Stay tuned for more Fearless Faces! I'm addicted.


Tory Brokenshire said...

I love them!!!! I want a set of cards with the faces on them. I could think of all sorts of captions.

Robin Olsen said...

Very cool Dayna! I like these a lot. Some of them remind me slightly of Hundertwasser with those stripy layers.

Talie said...

Wow! Dayna, love your work(faces), good show. It was fun getting together with you and your group today and can't wait for Menucha(my home away from home). Cheers, Talie

stephanie brockway said...

You nailed it with these!! both fearless and beautiful LOVE them, I'll be first in line for one of these!
PS who are those weird wommen in the striped shirts paddling?? lol

vicki said...

these are awesome! ( don't you just love working in the atlas. i love the size!!!). your imagination is going wild; color, personality.... these have it all!