Saturday, August 7, 2010

Painting With Natural Forces

I've just returned from spending a week on the Oregon Coast, four days of it at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. Sitka is nestled in the woods at Cascade Head, located between Lincoln City and Neskowin. Here's the facility:

My Home Away From Home

Sitka does not provide housing, so most people stay in either Lincoln City or Neskowin, however, a friend of ours has a cabin that is located right across the street from Sitka, so that is where I got to stay. Here's a few photos of the cabin nestled in the trees and a couple of photos of the view out the front window.

And So It Begins

Here I am on the first day of my class, Judy's Vogland's Painting With Natural Forces: Sand, Sun, and the Tides.

And the "teacher's table" up front.

To the Beach

We headed to the beach on the very first day of class, in the afternoon, to get some sand on our canvases. It is one of my favorite parts of the class (I've taken it before), although I was initially a little frustrated because I was trying to steer the sand and water and as you can imagine, neither are very steerable!

Let There Be Paint

A Closer Look

Here is one of my pieces, Nightfall at Neskowin (like the name, Judy!?!), from initial painting to completion (Howard wanted us to hang it in our living room at home!).

Evolution of My Collage

I started with a large canvas, added textured papers and distressed cardboard, slapped on some clay slip (I love that stuff!), some black lines and smudging, and presto, Reconstructed was born.

Fun-Filled Days

There was always lots of activity going on -- painting, giving and getting feedback on pieces of art, redoing pieces of art (isn't that what white paint is for?), and end of the day appetizers.

Final Sharing

Thanks, Judy

And here I am with Judy, who is an excellent (and patient) teacher.


stephanie brockway said...

Wow, wow and wow, been away from my computer for a week what a breath of fresh air, your collage and painting blew me away, gotta hear all about them soon and slip, fun stuff!
ox steph

lynda Howells said... look as if you all had amazing fun..wish l could have been involed. Do you glue the sand on first befor playing with water...or is that a trade secret of the class? SAlso never heard of clay slip being used in pasinting before but what a wonderful idea. LOVE your sand piece and your collage.xxlynda

Linda Moran said...

Looks like an amazing class and a fabulous time! I love the pics and all the artwork!

Robin Olsen said...

I love taking classes at Sitka and this one looks like a blast! Both your painting and collage turned out great!

Eric said...

Outstanding work. It looks like you really soaked up your experience last week. Your blog gives a great sense of the class and the environment that makes up the Sitka Center.

Jeff hall said...

Dayna, I loved taking this class with you. Your energy and enthusiasm were much appreciated. I look forward to another class with you soon. Your blog is great!
Jeff J. Hall email:

Paula McNamee said...

What creative fun, Dayna. Sounds like a great class and love your artwork.

Carol Wiebe said...

I was going to say WOW, but it looks like that word is already taken (several times).

The energy of that class is palpable, in your work and the work of others you chose to photograph. I am definitely going to put Sitka on my wishlist for "Art-ful Destinations" and look up Judy Vogland.

Jeff Hall said you were energetic and enthusiastic: Ill BET you were. That flaming red top says it all!