Friday, March 29, 2013

The Artist's Way - Week Twelve: Recovering a Sense of Faith . . . . . OUR FINAL GATHERING!

Last Tuesday night was the final session of my winter Creative Cluster. Six women have met weekly over the past twelve weeks to discuss The Artist's Way, talk about Morning Pages, Artist's Dates, and life in general. Every week I had a special art or creative project for them to do in the spirit of play and experimentation. Two of the six women were unable to attend Tuesday night, so they said their good-byes last week and presented their Omega Projects (a final project done outside of class, which could be something inspired by one of our projects, or just something for fun).

On Tuesday, we did our usual check-in and discussion, but before the ladies presented their Omega Projects, we made Stone Soup.

First to present was Victoria. She made a beautiful doll with lights under her skirt, illuminating her form.

Joanna made a wonderful fabric quilt that she plans to make into a light; it looked so good both ways, she couldn't decide which direction it will go.

Francie presented a traveling altar. She had bought the wooden house with hinged doors at a garage sale and using techniques she has picked up in various classes, she made this assemblage piece.

And finally, Joanne tickled our funny bones. She had us move some furniture and sit on the floor while she climbed onto the couch with just her feet showing. She had painted her feet as people and did a mini performance for our pleasure!

Our final act was to take one of the little lingams from the simple centerpiece. Each week the women took an item from my more elaborate centerpieces so they could build a simple art altar at home; tonight the centerpiece was a single candle nestled in my dwindling supply of lingams.

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