Wednesday, March 20, 2013

200 Rocks, 100 Students, 25 Dolls

Doing art projects with 2nd and 3rd graders is exhausting! Especially when you do four classes back-to-back. Last Friday I travelled to Tacoma, Washington to do art projects at the school where my daughter Melissa teaches. She arranged to have a friend there to help (here's Emma, a bright star throughout the day).

In the first three classes we had the students paint and embellish smooth river rocks. It was controlled chaos.

Then, after a quick lunch break, we ventured into Melissa's third grade classroom where the kids painted and embellished bendi dolls. As I was helping the students with their project, I overheard several of the kids say, "This is really fun." Mission accomplished.


Cenya Eichengreen said...

What a generous offering from a talented artist! Where did you get the bendy dolls? Did you make them?

Dayna Collins said...

Hi Cenya. I order the dolls online - I just type in bendi dolls and look for the 14 or 16-inch ones. They are made of muslin and truly bend!