Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Artist's Way - Week Eleven: Recovering a Sense of Autonomy

Week Eleven. One more week before our Creative Cluster comes to an end. For our creative project on Tuesday night the ladies created personalized art dolls. We went to the basement where I had put out glitter, yarn, ribbons, paint, jewels, feathers, and wings. The ladies set to work and created five beautiful, individual dolls.

Tuesday night was the last night for two of our six so they presented their Omega Projects (a final project of their choosing). One of the ladies zentangled rocks and brought them as our centerpiece, and invited everyone to take a rock home (see the first photo above). The other woman did two projects: one was a mini altar using all of the items taken from the centerpiece over the past eleven weeks and the other was an assemblage honoring books (and has been submitted to a book arts show for consideration).

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Cenya Eichengreen said...

Wow! LOVE the Zentangled rocks.