Friday, April 12, 2013

Part 1: Road Trip - The First Leg

I just returned from an 11-day day road trip with my friend Tory Brokenshire and her Aunt Talie. The destination was Excelsior Springs, about 30 minutes outside of Kansas City, Missouri, where the Art and Soul retreat was being held and where Tory was teaching three classes. But first we had to get there. The first three days of our trip were driving. Driving. Driving.

Windmills, grain elevators, Rufus, John Day River, big horn sheep, Arlington, Boardman, poplar trees, Echo, Pendleton, Deadman Pass, 45th parallel, Bob Lake, Durkee, Idaho, coyotes, Jubal Phone Taps, UTAH, Rattlesnake Pass, Bighorn City, Devil's Slide, Wyoming, Little America, Continental Divide, very large potato on a flatbed, Cheyenne, Nebraska, Platte River, Lincoln, Union, Iowa, Missouri. Arrive Excelsior Springs.

Coming up: Part II - Excelsior Springs.

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