Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art Retreat: A Time Away

Twice a year the Portland Art Collective retreats into the woods of Menucha, a retreat and conference center in the Columbia Gorge east of Portland. This past weekend was our spring time to get away.

Just driving onto the grounds causes me to take a deep breath and relax.

Everyone worked on such a variety of projects.

On Saturday night, Stephanie and I had to clean ourselves up enough to head into downtown Portland for the opening of our show, Outside the Box II. (I'll be doing a separate blog post about the opening and the shennanigans that took place there.)

Three great days of playing, creating, relaxing, and laughing.

A few glimpses of our frivolity - some risque reading, a small fire, interacting, even a poetry slam on Saturday night.

I worked on a variety of projects, all involving paint: a trifecta of mini canvases for a fall show, post cards for a summer swap, and my Fearless Faces -- always my Fearless Faces!


stephanie brockway said...

Great photos from the weekend! But strangely no photos of the giftshop??!!

back.roads said...

This looks like such a fun, creative, wonderful time!! I've been to's an awesome, peaceful place to create.