Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And the winner is . . . . BOBBIE!

On May 4th, I posted my 800th blog post and to commemorate the event, I offered up one of my Curious Elements. Last Friday I put the names of those who had left comments into a hat and drew a name. My husband was my witness. When I pulled the winning name from the hat, I held it up high, not peeking at the winner. My husband said, "You know who it is." I told him I didn't, I hadn't looked yet. He repeated, "You know who it is. She wins every contest she enters." I knew immediately that it was my friend Bobbie. She does win every contest she enters. I'm so happy it was Bobbie as she is supportive of everything I do!

But the contest doesn't end there. I have a friend that I met when we both took Jesse Reno's five-day painting class last June. Nina lives in Ontario, Canada and we've become on-line pen pals. Nina wrote the most beautiful comment on my blog so I wanted to 1) share it here, and 2) send Nina a Curious Element for writing the most eloquent comment. Here's Nina's kind and encouraging words:

I came to blog- reading kicking and screaming. Consequently I’m severely selective as to whose blog knocks and enters my mind. Your blog is the adventure I never want to be left out of. “Are you coming?” your blog seems to ask. It’s as though you’ve received an edict from over the clouds, a place where artists are formed, with instructions to stimulate, instruct and fan the flames of creation, so that more art fills the world. And what a generous heart! You share your excellent instructional techniques, take us along on quirky exciting adventures via exquisite, touching, photos and go on to share your art, your thoughts, your comrades-in-art and your family with us. I appreciate how seriously you take your job and thank you for never boring or sending facile information. Your blog is like eating healthy food: it energizes and incites me forward to my own work. You’ve changed the way I feel about blogs!

I've posted Nina's words above my computer for those days that I don't feel like blogging. And here's what I'm sending Nina as a little thank you.


gl. said...

congratulations, bobbie!

Bobbie said...

What a lucky lucky gal I am!!! Here is something favorite number is "4"...why I don't know because I have never won Keno or a pick a lucky number with it....but, my Curious Element key has a "4". It was destined to be mine (but I just might share it with your friend Holly for awhile). And thanks for wrapping it up so cute (it reminded me of the water and business card you had for us at your classes!).