Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Play Time: Prayer Flags

I took another class on Sunday afternoon just for fun. It was taught by my friend Jami and was offered at Stampin' Cat Studio in south Salem. Here's Jami showing off her prayer flags (and that's sweet and funny Carole smiling in the background - take a look at the post she did on her blog about our class by clicking here).

Jami is SO generous with her supplies. She brought oodles of fabric, stamps, and embellishments.

By the time we actually got down to cutting and laying things out, we only had a couple of hours to work, so I didn't even get any where near being ready to begin stitching. I played around with an off white theme, added some punches of black, then played around with pops of color . I envision red stitching on several of the pieces, more bits and pieces of jewel-colored sari ribbon, and and and. But it's all for another day. Here's how far I got in the time I had. Of course, nothing is stitched down so EVERYTHING is subject to change!

It was a fun, relaxing way to spend the afternoon, that's for sure.


Dave said...

These pieces look great so far!! Here's hoping that you'll post pics of the final results!!

Bobbie said...

These are really cool!! I saw the class and thought about making Kristi one (she keeps asking for one). Remind me to ask you about the class :) please