Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vision Board 2012: AUTHENTIC

I finished up my 2012 Vision Board and I'm excited about exploring my word for the year: authentic. I have identified several intentions for the new year that I have already set into motion. I love how identifying what we want and then getting it down in images helps to bring those dreams and ideas to fruition. One of my goals for the new year is opening an online etsy store and because I identified that as one of my goals, I've signed up for a learning the basics etsy workshop later this month. Another goal? Working my way through Julia Cameron's Vein of Gold. My newly formed group of hand-picked women begins meeting tonight to discuss Julia's meaty book. Of course a trip is included, Fearless Faces, reading, a new tattoo, some clothing ideas, and BIG art. I'm excited because everything on my Vision Board for 2011 became reality. Well, all except for my word of the year: compassion. I'm still working on that one and I certainly have lots of opportunities to practice.


stephanie brockway said...

I'm liking the focusing of intentions,it gives me purpose. The new clothing has me a bit concerned... in viewing your board does it involve stilts and red and white pants? lol

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You've inspired me to do an inspiration board!

Would you, or someone, in your Vein of Gold group be willing to do a presentation.....two hours, maybe? A friend is putting together something for Woodburns Chemeketa Continued Learning in Retirement for fall term. It would be at the Woodburn campus.

Let me know, Jan

Destree said...

One of the best gifts I received from you was learning the ritual of the New Year Vision intentions are set to words, and the images will be chosen soon. Word for me this year: LOVE :)
Wishing you love on your authentic adventure for 2012!