Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Monkey, A Shovel, A Gun*

I had the privilege to facilitate a Vision Board class at my studio on Saturday. The ladies all knew each other as they are all members of a book group they belong to and they wanted to get together to create Vision Boards. I knew a couple of the women and they asked if I would be the one to lead them through the process. Why, of course! I told them I would be honored.

The morning was a riotous jumble of flying hands, whirring scissors, and lively chatter.

After lunch, the gluing commenced.

The women created some wonderful intentions for the new year.

What a cheerful, fun, intelligent group of women I got to spend the day with!

*The title for this blog post came from things falling off the walls of my studio. My little studio is so crammed with stuff, that the women kept bumping into things I had hanging here and there. The first to go was a metal monkey, then a metal shovel, and finally a kid's cap gun. Fortunately, no one was maimed by the falling objects!

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Bobbie said...

WOW....such lucky ladies!!!! I am doing mine this weekend....yes I am!!