Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flinging Paint

I taught a five-hour class on visual journaling techniques last Saturday afternoon at Stampin' Cat Studio in Salem. The class had sold out weeks in advance so by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, everyone was pretty excited to get started. And although we had five luxurious hours to create, the time seemed to just zip by and it was 6:00 before we knew it.

Preparing the class packets. I included all kinds of papers (ledger, phonebook, maps, music, joss, dress patterns, and a bit of braille), doilies, tickets, envelopes, tags, sequin waste, sandpaper, bubble wrap, and corrugated cardboard!

Ready for my students to arrive. I provided everything they needed for the afternoon - they only had to bring a journal designed for watercolor or mixed media work.

Some of the day's action:

Ooolala, it was a fun day!


Bobbie said...

Another great and fun and wonderful class!! Kristi loved it too! I took my creations to class on Tuesday....they were quite in awe (even the teacher was and asked me to go over each page and technique). A couple of the students wanted your website...I'm sure they will be coming your way!

Nina said...

These paintings are so cool! I especially like the last one and the one with a sort of yellow, orange and red background with a black sun, and also the one with pinky red, orange and yellow paint kind of mooshed into each other. Really pretty!