Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Artist's Way: Discovering a Sense of Strength

My Artist's Way was a wee small group last night with three of my five ladies not able to attend. But the two ladies who did show up, soldiered on and somehow we still managed to use up our allotted time!

Our creative activity was an introduction to blind contour drawing. This is a technique where you draw only the outline of an object and the blind part means you don't look at what you are drawing. Because a person can't look at what they are doing, it takes away the pressure and makes it more light-hearted and fun. For the first portion of the exercise, I had the ladies draw the outline of an art mannequin.

I then had the ladies use blind contour drawing to do a self-portrait. Using a mirror (and again without looking at their paper), they drew themselves.

Our next exercise was using the blind contour drawing technique to draw each other.

(I was only able to take a photograph of the artist who used the red crayon; the other artist used a very pale green crayon and I couldn't get a decent photograph no matter how hard I tried.)

For the final part of the activity I had each woman write for five minutes on what it was like doing a series of blind contour drawings. They were fine with the writing exercise -- until I told them they had to write with their non-dominant hand!

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