Monday, November 3, 2008

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

It rained so hard during the night that it woke us up. When the light finally dawned, I grabbed the camera and snapped a photo before I had rubbed the sleep from my eyes:

Then Howard took another photo from the balcony:

After a nice cappucino delivered to our room by Lorenzo, Manuel's nephew, we were off for a day of exploring:

Our Monday morning destination? A hike up the hill, nicknamed Zii di Frati, or the Switchbacks of the Monks. Midway up we found the Church of the Cappuccin Monks (Rick says not too long ago it was a hotel - WOW - I would have loved to stay in that hotel). Above the church, was a cemetary in a ruined castle at the summit. Awesome!

After our uphill hike, we headed to the beach. I needed to see what the polished beach glass situation was:

In case you are wondering, I found three pieces yesterday and three today. Score: 6 pieces to date.


Last night on our evening stroll after dinner, we met a nice couple from Santa Barbara, California, Linda and Brett. They had been in Italy about the same amount of time as us and so we had fun trading driving stories and GPS mishaps (they named their GPS Stella! we think she is Marcie's evil twin). If they post a comment saying we weren't really in Italy, but drinking beer in Pasadena, don't believe them!

Peshe asked if we were going to take a boat ride. We tried, but Sunday was the last day the boats were running for the season. We went to the ticket office to try and get on the last boat, but the office was closed and the boat never arrived. Sadly, we were just a tad too late.

Thank you, Peshe, for your many ideas and your keen observations. I love the "heART" name you have given my heARTs.

And just to let you know, along with my blog, I have been keeping a visual collage journal (watercolor to be added during our stay in Monterosso). Here are a couple of pages in process . . .


Destree said...

Wow, the travel blog is amazing in itself, but you are keeping a visual journal of the trip too??? Can't wait to see it....You have been to so many beautiful places during your trip, and each place I say "This is my favorite" and then your on to the next, and again it's my fave. But for reals, I LOVE where you are at right now. The stairs probably help to burn off all the gelato too :0)

Peshe said...

agree with destree, love this place. to begin the day with that view and fill the brain with such blessings. wondering, of all the days which is your favorite? and... work with me on this... think forward 15/20 years, look back at this time of adventure and time together, of the memories which would the two of you agree on... and if you've not created that memory, what's stopping you?

found a place called 'paperdoll' at 76/stark. will purchase a post b-day gift.

gl. said...

i thought i liked venice, but i am -really- loving monterosso and the cinque terre. wow! believe it or not, i have never wanted to take a trip to italy before, but this place calls to me.

( ia said...

Loved the pics of Italy. We too were in Vernazza in October and met you at the sculpture park in Chianti. Loved the concept and enjoyed meeting you both.

Wondered if your book clubmight be interested in previewing a memoir of our generation as seen through the eyes of an earnest seeker (open to everything but X'ty) before it's completely finished or published. HarperSF's top editor wanted it, but the marketing people nixed it as I wasn't famous enough.

Just a thought. You could vote on how it should end!

Hope your return home was a good one. And your art has grown and expanded because of your immersion in the aesthetic of Italy.

All the best,

( ia McKoy