Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cinque Terre - And the Winner Is . . . .

Monterosso. We had to choose one of five villages that make up the Cinque Terre. After consulting our travel advisor, Rick, and the recommendation of a friend (Jill?), we decided on the northernmost village, Monterosso, and to stay at Manuel's Guest House. A priority for our four-day stay was a view of the sea and Manuel came through for us. To get to his villa, we had to climb about 100 steps. The following photos are our journey up - no duplicate stairs, in fact, I didn't even get all of them. But here goes:

And here was our afternoon reward:

After dropping our bags, we headed out for a quick stroll through the town. A few photos (but be warned, there WILL be more) . . .

We decided to have a late afternoon cappucino (restaurants don't open for dinner until 7:00 or 7:30 p.m.). Howard chose a nifty little bar called "Fast," and inside were hundreds of dollar bills with notes written on them. Legal graffiti! Howard had a dollar and I added my new trademark: a flaming heart (with a few additional embellishments).


Peshe said...

Happy Birthday to ME! What a wonderful day I had. Good thing I don't smoke else I'd never make it up the stairs. Phew. Another good thing is having a personal footman to carry the day's treasures. Best cache them in geranium filled pot.

Flaming heART Alley Art.

Loved the fashion mix. Balding mohawk. Tartan blazer. Zippered cowboy boots. Tie dye dress in the back ground. Jeans. And baggies. Now - there's an excessory waiting to be trademarked. Imagine - designer baggie waders in their own emergency wrapper sold in vending machines/travel catalogs/AAA. The Design, well of course. Flaming heART.

Are you kids gonna take a boat ride?

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Destree said...

I love how Italy is leaving its' mark on you and Howard, and you are leaving your mark on it. Very cool...

When are you coming home????