Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rain Can't Stop Us!

Rainy everywhere on this election day Tuesday, but since our time is dwindling, we hopped the train for the five-minute ride to Cinque Terre town number 4, Vernazza. This is Rick's favorite town of the five, and we found it to be young and hip; we liked it a lot. Although it was raining, we wandered around the town and visited the harbor, even had a late morning slice of fresh pesto pizza.

We were getting a big soggy, so we decided to catch the 3:33 p.m. train back to Monterosso al Mare, but, since we had about 45 minutes to kill, we stuck in a little hike to visit the top of a hill overlooking Vernazza . Howard estimated it was a vertical rise of about 350 feet and the equivalent of 600 steps! Wheweeee -- but what a view AND an unexpected cemetary.

It was our plan to stay in Monterosso through Thursday morning, but in discussing our flexible itinerary over a late afternoon cappucino, we are thinking we might pack up on Wednesday morning and head to Milano a day early. In reading Rick's take on Milano, he thinks it is worth more than an afternoon. Of course, we may change our mind again before morning . . . in any event, we fly out of Milano on Friday morning at 6:20 a.m., arriving in Portland a little after 12:oo noon - seems like a quick trip, but I guess that is what happens when you are going through multiple time zones equalling nine hours!


Destree said...

It's official, this is my favorite place you've been so far (I guess I still have to see pictures of Milan, though, right?) I love how colorful and lopsided and crammed together all of the buildings are...and how they contrast the beautiful terraced landscape. Almost looks like a rainbow on a gray cloudy sky....and the ocean, wow, it looks so warm (probably not, but it looks really inviting)...and guess where I just came from??? I stopped by your house and saw Laura to take care of some business. Olivia was surprised that we were done so quickly...I told her it was different when you were gone, there wasn't anyone to play with! Enjoy the last leg of your journey...and again, so much appreciation for letting me tag along with you!

gl. said...

so... many... stairs....! and yes, i think giving milano some extra time would be a good idea. :)

Peshe said...

torn by attending to this blog and adding my vote for another day in Milano, and watching on TV way to early Election results. The tension is sooo stimulating. it's facinating being a part of and watching history in the making....

sign, Friday?!? this Friday.....oh no!! well, i guess you'll enjoy sleeping your own bed, washing and packing/storing your cloths for the last time. Notice... I'm not adding resting up from the trip cause i know THAT won't happen unless Rick added to his guide how to schedule that and you preplanned can't be that organized or insane? right?

wait a minute, maybe that's why i'm enjoying this trip so much...being just a nuts as you two.

yes again to Milano. You've had enuff time together without hordes of tourists.