Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crawling Along the Coast

Dateline: Wednesday, November 5, 2008. We got packed for our departure from the Cinque Terre, but first we took a final walk on the Monterosso beach. It was rainy and there were rough seas, but I managed to pick up lots of pretty rocks, a few shells, and dozens of pieces of itty bitty polished beach glass. I didn't get any photos of my bounty, but trust me, it was plentiful.

We got the car loaded and set out with a final destination of Milan, about three hours away. We decided to dawdle our way up the coast and our first stop was in Levanto, where we saw another beautiful beach town (quite a bit bigger than the 5 Terre). Also saw a gaggle of surfers!

Okay, drive drive drive - hey, I'm getting pretty good at snapping photos from a moving vehicle.

Next stop? Santa Margherita Liqure.

And it had a little sliver of a beach!

Last stop on our cruising the coast, Portofino, playground of the rich and famous.

Thursday is our last full day in Italy and we plan to spend it in Milan. We'll have a post about our day, but we also plan to post our Top 10 Favorites of Italy, maybe ten more, and then a few Honorable Mentions.


gl. said...

i can't even imagine how a bike would be practical there! also, that's an interesting graveyard...

Dayna Collins said...

Yes, it was crazy to see bikes in such hilly terrain. In fact, we saw lots of "real" riders, all decked out in bike gear riding along the coast highway. Talk about being in shape! A photo I didn't post was of a bike in Monterosso: it was white with black polka dots! Talk about cute - I thought of you, Gretchin.

Destree said...

I can't wait for the top 10...Would love to see the polka-dotted bike...Did I ever post pics of my bike? It's about 100 yrs old (kay, maybe not that old) fire engine red and I painted some flowers on the fenders....a total work in progress, but I love it. And no, I don't do hills :0)