Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Italian Graffiti

I've made a new blog friend, Theresa Martin. Theresa posted a few times on my blog while we were in Italy, captured by the photos and narrative as she had spent time in Italy during September of this year. Well, yesterday Theresa e-mailed and asked if she could use one of my photos, the one of my graffiti heART, in her post about graffiti in Italy. Of course, I told her, but it also prompted me to share my photos of Italian graffiti. So go take a look at Theresa's blog, then scroll on down and look at my photos of graffiti -- Italian style!


theresa martin said...

You got some great shots! I love the one of you with the peace sign. It makes me want to go back and take more photos. Heck, everything makes me want to go back there! Thanks for the link :-)

peshe said...

graffiti!!! tags like these began with the gypsies, tinkers, highwaymen, and hobos(sucka at 3 pine and ditch). but now, they are the voice of the people. watch out! the revolution has begun. oops ;)


Shelly said...

Wow, the Italians have a flair not only for fashion, but for graffiti, too.
You really do take good photographs, Dayna.

Destree said...

These are really cool....I thought you had fallen behind with posting, silly me, my updates had expired! Happy to be caught up again...