Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the Wall . . .

I facilitated two final Matchbox Shrine workshops at Serenity Lane last night, ten patients in each. I think my favorite imagine was in the first group, where two men, whose arms were covered in tattoos, were working away on their shrines. The imagine touched my heart, but, of course, due to confidentiality I couldn’t snap the photo. The imagine is tucked away in my memory.

I’ll lump comments from the two groups together to just give a flavor of the work and play that was accomplished last night.

The inside of my box represents my old self, illusions, and secrets. The inside represents what I want for my future.

Referring to a box covered in little square mirrors: It used to be that my nose was in mirrors all the time and I never saw, but now I can look in them and see myself.

The red circles on my box represent red eyes and my past life as a stoner; on the inside I glued a compass, which represents finding my way.

The inside of my box represents 15 years of hell, and on the outside I chose objects which represent hope and light. I like that I’ve not forgotten my old life, but I’m glad I can close the box.

When asked about the process of painting and gluing, everyone agreed it was fun. One person said it was better than I anticipated. A couple of others said it was nice not to think, just to pick items and glue, which was peaceful and relaxing.

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