Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Knit One Purl Two

For our granddaughter Gabriella’s second birthday, we bought her a beautiful three story wooden dollhouse. Our son (her uncle Scotty) gave her a set of people, an instant family. But the big old house was so very empty, so my daughter Melissa and I made the drive to Olympia where we purchased the necessary accoutrements to outfit the bathroom, dining room, living room, and one bedroom. Viola, it was beginning to look like a home in miniature. Well, any true home would have throw rugs, so Melissa dug out her knitting needles and some fun yarn and whipped out a little rug for the bedroom. The clicking needles conjured up memories of learning to knit when I was in 4th grade 4H and I was itching to give it a whirl after all these years. Melissa cast on a series of loops, refreshed me on the mechanics of knitting 101, and then set me free. “I’m knitting, I’m knitting,” I cried as I got into the rhythm of moving the needles through the yarn. It was actually quite meditative and I kept at it, making a very large area rug for Ella’s new home.


Gerri said...

What a sweetheart! I went to "Have you any wool" to try & knit & gave up on it LOL. Maybe one day I'll have the patience again. I can crochet though.

Diane Havnen-Smith said...

Oh my, Gabriella is such a doll! No wonder you are over the moon with being a grandma! Precious.